Missing Out on a 9 Percent Business Tax-Deduction?

The domestic-production activities deduction (DPAD) was enacted by Congress a few years ago to provide tax incentives for businesses that produce most of their goods or services in the United States rather than sending that work overseas. The DPAD is allowed for all forms of business entities (and their beneficiaries), including individuals, C corporations, farming […]

Using Online Services Such as Airbnb to Rent out Your Home? Better Read This!

Renting out your home or second home for short periods of time is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of online services that match property owners with prospective renters. The online sites providing these services include Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway. There are special (and often complex) taxation rules associated with renting out your home or […]

Will You Die Broke?

There is a well-known rule of thumb—the 4% Rule—that suggests if you spend 4% of the value of your capital a year, you are unlikely to outlive your savings. It is used to determine the amount of funds to withdraw from a retirement account. T.Rowe Price believes it is a reasonable starting point. And according […]

What Does the Future Hold for Taxes?

One topic that is frequently being discussed is what the future holds for individual taxation under incoming President Trump. Numerous blog entries have been posted on the issue; many proclaim that the wealthy will be the beneficiaries of Trump’s tax policies, and some declare that lower-income taxpayers will see tax increases. Those predictions are based […]