Sometimes you got to go back

By Tricia McCullough I love the summertime. I also enjoy water. The two go hand-in-hand. The same goes for being both a CPA and CMA. Before I get into how I became both, let me first start by defining the acronyms. A CPA is a certified public accountant, while a CMA is a certified management […]

My new office an exercise in living

By Tricia McCullough A friend asked me recently if getting my new office renovated and open in a span of just three months was an exercise in chaos and uncertainty. The question took me by surprise a bit. But when I reflected a moment I had to honestly say it had not. Before embarking on […]

With a child or a business, you need to hang on

By Tricia McCullough Sometimes as a parent we’re severely tested. Particularly when the child in question is in their early teen years. In this case, I am talking about my daughter, Madelyn. You’re probably chuckling to yourself, or nodding in agreement as you reflect on your own experiences as a mom or dad. I can […]

Listen To Your Employees

I have to admit that I am a hard worker.  I will work hard at whatever I set my mind to do.  I’ve never expected my employees to work as hard as I do, but I appreciate there support during stressful deadlines. So, when work piles up or tough problems take a lot of my […]

Success rarely follows a straight line

By Tricia McCullough Like most of life’s adventures, success rarely follows a straight line. My own career is a case in point. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you respond to those issues that allows you to learn, move on and not make the same mistake twice. A gunfight re-enactment outside the […]