Health Insurance

When it comes to health insurance, the new national laws sometimes create more worry and uncertainty rather than simplify the process. Yes, there are choices to make, but there are also penalties and market fluctuations to consider. Basically, in Washington State, the choices for Health Insurance include:
Buying a Metal Plan – Bronze, Silver or Gold – from the Washington Health Plan Finder Exchange.
Buying a Metal Plan – Bronze, Silver or Gold – directly from a carrier such as Premera or LifeWise.
Choosing to not purchase the coverage and paying a penalty, which may vary from year to year, and is based on your income.
Obtaining qualified coverage via either your employer or your spouse’s.
Even with the myriad of choices, not everyone chooses to purchase the mandated coverage. Some forgo the purchase and instead willingly pay the fee. Other’s cannot go without it. Contact our office with your questions and get answers to help you make an informed decision. As most health insurance inquiries vary depending on a number of factors, get a quote by contacting us today.