LegalShield does more than just protect your estate with a Standard Will and a Power of Attorney, it also protects you with a Medical Directive, and other needs including access to an attorney for life circumstances such as divorce, car accidents, DUI’s, and more! All these and more come with your membership starting out at just $20/month and there are also family plans available to include your dependents. In addition, discounts are available on attorney fees to solve more complicated legal issues. Also included:

1.) Members save thousands of dollars in legal fees while accessing superior service
2.) Manage your account online
3.) Get 24/7 protection
4.) Instantly connect with your attorney via the LegalShield mobile app
5.) Peace of mind
6.) Business plan available to help you navigate your toughest decisions
7.) Discounts on vacations, sporting event tickets, apparel and more!

ID Shield

Worried about Identity Theft? Don’t be. IDShield can protect your identity for less than $20 per month. It provides constant monitoring of the following personal information:

1.) Your Name
2.) Your Date of Birth
3.) Your Social Security Number
4.) Your mailing address
5.) Your Driver’s license number
6.) Your passport number
7.) Up to 10 email addresses
8.) Up to 10 phone numbers
9.) Up to 10 Medical ID numbers

Not only does ID Shield monitor for activity, if your information is compromised, they restore. That’s right. Restoring your personal identity to pre-theft status is included in the package. You even get a licensed private investigator assigned to your case, who will follow up with you until all issues have been addressed. Plus – if you choose the family plan your spouse and up to 8 dependent children are protected too!